redwood sink and wall

This is one of my latest projects.  Imagine that, a wood sink!  made from redwood with accents of Purpleheart, Maple, Walnut and Ebony.

wooden sink redwood
wood sink


These headboards are all custom orders, and one of a kind. They are created to follow the wood's natural curve.  Each one has its own unique beauty.  The butterflies are added for functional aesthetics.  

Mesquite Wood Headboard
Wild edge headboard
Custom wood headboard

Musician's Bench

The Musician's Bench is deceptively simple, as it is designed out of three pieces of wood, but it is quirky in its shape and dimensions. The top is 5/4 Walnut and the legs are 7/4 Ash. The dovetails are hand cut. The Musician's Bench was featured in the "Woodworker's Showcase" section of "American Woodworker Magazine," June/July 2008.

Musician's Bench

Walnut and maple coffee table

This table is constructed from a walnut slab with two wild edges. The base is constructed from 8/4 and 4/4  hard maple. It has two decorative butterflies which are also functional in stabilizing the walnut top.

Walnut Bench

This bench was constructed from Black Walnut and Claro Walnut. The Claro Walnut top, has one wild edge and exhibits the wood's natural beauty.  The functional and aesthetic butterflies in the top are of ebony. The bench stands 19 inches tall, 40 inches wide and is finished with tung oil.

Walnut bench wild edge
walnut bench wild edge
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