There are several varieties of Mahogany, the most common of which are Honduran and African. It is found in many Central and South American countries and is highly prized as a furniture and boat building wood. Unfortunately, Mahogany as of late has become the subject of much indiscriminate waste in the clearing of grazing lands.

Mahler Kaleidoscope

The title of this piece was inspired by Mahler's Fourth Symphony. This is one of the three largest Kaleidoscopes I have built. It features a three mirrored interior which provides a seemingly three-dimensional view, and what I call the "spiky orb." It is built from a mosaic of many different woods, and the base is mainly Black Walnut. The mirrors and optics were made by Jonathan Eaton.

Spiky orb

Bumps and Wiggles

This wall sculpture is called "Bumps and Wiggles." It is one of my early overlay projects and is a culmination of many shop experiments. Its dimensions are about 29x14 inches. The outer frame is built from Oak and Purpleheart, the body of the piece is comprised of several woods including; Zirocote, Maple, Mohagony, Blackwood and Bocote.

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