Padauk is a wood that grows in central and western Africa. It has a long, straight grain which is usually very consistent. It is a plentiful wood and large pieces are usually available. It turns well and when cut reveals a bright orange inside.

For Musicians - Manywood Batons and Baton Box


These batons and baton box were made for a music conductor friend of mine. The baton handles are turned on a lathe and the shafts are carbon fiber for strength and lightness. The box has a sliding top and holds several batons. The top and bottom of the box are built with many different woods and have several layers of "overlay."


Manywood Batons ans Baton Box
Manywood Batons and Baton Box
Bow Case
Bow Case

Mahler Kaleidoscope

The title of this piece was inspired by Mahler's Fourth Symphony. This is one of the three largest Kaleidoscopes I have built. It features a three mirrored interior which provides a seemingly three-dimensional view, and what I call the "spiky orb." It is built from a mosaic of many different woods, and the base is mainly Black Walnut. The mirrors and optics were made by Jonathan Eaton.

Spiky orb


Joy's box features a sliding drawer and a sliding top. Its dimensions are about 12x6x3 1/2 inches. The sides are Walnut, and the Padauk ends are pinned with brass as an accent. The top is made from many woods and many layers of overlay.

Steve's Box (the lower right) is a drum stick box with a sliding top. It, as well as Joy's box, is built with solid wood using overlay techniques, and is not veneered. It was built for a drummer friend of mine, Steve (for his fancy German drumsticks).

Joy's Box

Recent Bowls

These bowls are a representation of some of my more recent turnings.

Counterclockwise from the top: an overview of a few different designs,  the three bowls are Mesquite wedding bowls made for dear friends, the flat top bowl, dubbed "guitar Bowl" is Maple and sports a clean and sharp outer edge, the bowl (with block) was turned for an exhibition at  the Lubeznik Center for the Arts, the final picture is Cherry and Maple from "Mom's Series."

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