Walnut is a domestic wood that is commonly used for many purposes. It is a great furniture wood and is easily available. It works well and is an excellent turning wood.

conductor's baton and box

these were made for a special commission

conductor's baton and box

newest bowls

these are a few of the latest bowls

maple purpleheart bowls

Musician's Bench

The Musician's Bench is deceptively simple, as it is designed out of three pieces of wood, but it is quirky in its shape and dimensions. The top is 5/4 Walnut and the legs are 7/4 Ash. The dovetails are hand cut. The Musician's Bench was featured in the "Woodworker's Showcase" section of "American Woodworker Magazine," June/July 2008.

Musician's Bench

Walnut and maple coffee table

This table is constructed from a walnut slab with two wild edges. The base is constructed from 8/4 and 4/4  hard maple. It has two decorative butterflies which are also functional in stabilizing the walnut top.

Walnut Bench

This bench was constructed from Black Walnut and Claro Walnut. The Claro Walnut top, has one wild edge and exhibits the wood's natural beauty.  The functional and aesthetic butterflies in the top are of ebony. The bench stands 19 inches tall, 40 inches wide and is finished with tung oil.

Walnut bench wild edge
walnut bench wild edge

For Musicians - Manywood Batons and Baton Box


These batons and baton box were made for a music conductor friend of mine. The baton handles are turned on a lathe and the shafts are carbon fiber for strength and lightness. The box has a sliding top and holds several batons. The top and bottom of the box are built with many different woods and have several layers of "overlay."


Manywood Batons ans Baton Box
Manywood Batons and Baton Box
Bow Case
Bow Case

Mahler Kaleidoscope

The title of this piece was inspired by Mahler's Fourth Symphony. This is one of the three largest Kaleidoscopes I have built. It features a three mirrored interior which provides a seemingly three-dimensional view, and what I call the "spiky orb." It is built from a mosaic of many different woods, and the base is mainly Black Walnut. The mirrors and optics were made by Jonathan Eaton.

Spiky orb

Wine Racks

The wine rack is a very simple and very functional design. Due to the balance of the design, one to three bottles can be displayed, individually or together, for a unique wine loving experience. Made from reclaimed, recycled woods, usually walnut, maple and purpleheart. 


Wine Racks on the front porch
Wine Rack
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