The Woods

Click on the name of the wood to see the pieces made from that tree.

Ash A domestic wood, Ash is plentiful and very useful. It is commonly used for baseball bats, tool handles and furniture.
Blackwood blackwood African Blackwood is a very hard and dense wood. It has a purple/black color and is usually straight-grained. It is difficult to work and dulls tools quickly.
Bloodwood Bloodwood is a Brazilian wood which is very hard and dense. It gets its common name from the freshly cut, almost bright red color. It ages to a deep brown. It works well and turns well, though it dulls tools quickly.
Bocote Bocote Bocote is a Mexican and South American wood. It usually has a striking and beautiful grain pattern. It is a dense wood and typically is fairly oily, sometimes making it difficult for gluing.
Bubinga Bubinga is an extremely hard wood from Africa. It is a heavy and dense wood used for many purposes from furniture to flooring to fine boxes and jewelry. Its hardness take a toll on blades and chisels.
Cherry Cherry is a common wood and grows in New England and Canada. It is an excellent furniture and flooring wood. It is a beautiful wood to work and is readily available, often in large and true pieces.
Cocobolo Cocobolo is one of my favorite woods. It is found in Mexico and Central American countries, and is one variety of Rosewood. The heartwood typically displays amazing grain pattern and colors, from yellows to deep oranges and browns. It is commonly used for knife and utensil handles.
Ebony Ebony is a very dense wood. It is very strong and very heavy. There are several varieties of Ebony originating from central and southern African countries. It is commonly used as fingerboards for string instruments as well as an accent or a decorative wood.
Ironwood Ironwood Ironwood (Desert Ironwood)is a close relative of Mesquite. It is native to the southwest U.S. and northern Mexico. It is a very toxic wood to work with but has deep and amazing grain patterns. Ironwood is used for small decorative items since it is typically available only in small pieces.
Kingwood Kingwood Kingwood is a beautiful wood that grows in a small part of Brazil. It has a reddish-purple color with very pronounced grain. It is used for inlay and very fine work.