The Woods

Click on the name of the wood to see the pieces made from that tree.

Koa Koa is a fast-growing tree only found in Hawaii. Its wood has become highly sought after due to its beautiful grain and depth. It is used for furniture, flooring, turning, and really about anything that requires a very fine wood.
Mahogany There are several varieties of Mahogany, the most common of which are Honduran and African. It is found in many Central and South American countries and is highly prized as a furniture and boat building wood. Unfortunately, Mahogany as of late has become the subject of much indiscriminate waste in the clearing of grazing lands.
Maple Maple Maple is a common domestic wood and typically grows in the northwest and northeast United States. The appearance of Maple can vary widely, from a subtle flat grain, to a curly rippling effect to a pattern known as "birdseye".Maple is a very popular wood and is used for anything from flooring to fine furniture.
Mesquite Mesquite Mesquite is a wood indigenous to the southwest United States and northern Mexico. There are several varieties of this hard, heavy wood. It is often seen as a weed and often burned as firewood, but makes a beautiful wood for crafts and smaller items.
Osage Orange Osage Orange Osage Orange is from the Mulberry family. This dense and heavy wood is indigenous to the central and southern United States. When freshly cut it reveals a bright yellow color, but ages to a mild brownish hue.
Padauk Padauk Padauk is a wood that grows in central and western Africa. It has a long, straight grain which is usually very consistent. It is a plentiful wood and large pieces are usually available. It turns well and when cut reveals a bright orange inside.
Purpleheart Purpleheart Purpleheart grows in tropical regions of South and Central America. It has a straight and tight grain and gathers its name from its color which can vary from a pale to a vibrant purple. It is a very hard wood and has a tendency to split if care is not taken.
Rosewood Rosewood Rosewood
Walnut Walnut Walnut is a domestic wood that is commonly used for many purposes. It is a great furniture wood and is easily available. It works well and is an excellent turning wood.
Zebrawood Zebrawood is a wood indigenous to western parts of Africa. It has a highly contrasting grain pattern which is how its common name is derived. It grows tall and straight, but is a fairly scarce wood. It is a very hard and heavy wood.